I2P-Bote is a plugin for I2P that allows users to send and receive emails while preserving privacy. It does not need a mail server because emails are stored in a distributed hash table. They are automatically encrypted and digitally signed, which ensures no one but the intended recipient can read the email, and third parties cannot forge them.

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  • One-click creation of email accounts (called email identities)
  • Emails can be sent under a sender identity, or anonymously
  • Encryption and signing is transparent, without the need to know about PGP
  • Sending via relays for stronger anonymity guarantees
  • ElGamal, Elliptic Curve, and NTRU Encryption
  • Delivery confirmation
  • Themeable webmail interface
  • User interface translated in many languages
  • Basic support for short recipient names
  • IMAP and SMTP support

Planned Features:

  • Custom folders
  • Identities shared across devices
  • Receiving via relays
  • Further traffic correlation countermeasures